Merlin's Grove

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Mature Olive Trees and Extra Virgin Olive oil

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Merlins Grove


Merlin's Grove is owned and operated by the Widenbar family
Merlin's Grove is the home of some 6,000 olive trees

Merlin's Grove is situated in a beautiful little valley west of York, in Western Australia. York was named by the earliest explorers after the city of York in England, as the rolling hills and rocky outcrops reminded them of home. York was the first inland town settled in WA (in 1831), and was needed to supply food for the growing Swan River Colony. A variety of different types of olive trees has been planted. Most of the property is still native bush, with many species of native birds and kangaroos roaming freely , sometimes over the olive grove too, nibbling here and there. We have a strict NO GUNS policy, and are learning to share our olives with the local fauna.

  • Large Variety of Trees
  • Suitable for single or mass planting
  • Delivery or pick up from farm


We are a small team
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Lynn Widenbar

The Boss
After a long career as a Geologist working all over the world, Lynn is enjoying the peace of farm life in York
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Meryl Widenbar

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Olives have been Meryl’s passion for the past 15 years, growing, pickling and eating them !
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Director of Fun
Dini is now 13 years old, and although still playful, she likes to sleep a lot


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